Online Performance Videos

The following videos showcase the Online Performance Body-Kit / Ground-Effects kit for the Honda Prelude 3rd Generation Coupe. All videos have been compressed with the MPEG-1 compression algorithm and can be streamed using Windows Media Player, MPlayer32 for Win95/98 and NT. MacOS users please download the MPEG codec from Adobe or Apple's web-site if you have any problems.

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Views of the body-kit from various angles

1.1m Hi-Res Intro Video
Hi-Resolution video of the kit panning clockwise.
800k Birds Eye / Baby view
Looking from the top down and low to the ground angles.
1.4m 360 degree view
Walk around the entire car, taking note of the profiles and front/rear quarters.
350k Rear quarter view
Elegant lines of the rear bar and rear quarters.
300k Right-side profile
The right-hand side viewed from several angles.
175k Front-End view
Front view of the kit.


Performance runs on the street

975k Concept to Completion
How the original test-kit looks compared with the production version.
870k 2nd gear shot to 4000rpm
With 14psi of boost, 4000rpm arrives just over 1 second later... from 2000rpm!
1m Truck Blockade
We're just warming up... this industrial area doesn't help our runs!
765k Clutch slips at 5000+rpm!
Well what do you expect from 18's and a standard clutch!? Time for a brass-button!!!
1.1m First Dry-Run
First dry run goes to 3500rpm. We will wait till the fluids are at a good temperature.
2m Not Bad!
Test driver Jim from Online gives his vote of approval. Note the 1500rpm blow-off from the engine as it goes up the driveway.

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